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Revenge Porn Study: Nearly 10 Million Americans Are Victims
Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images
Just over two years ago, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many other actresses found their private images had been stolen and posted on the Internet for all to see.
While that stood as a high-profile case, men and women alike are victims of revenge amateur orgy amateur porn much more often than you might think.
About one in 25 Americans are either threatened with or victims of nonconsensual image sharing, or \"revenge porn\" as it`s more commonly known. That equates to roughly 10 million Americans, according to a study published by the Data & Society Research Institute
These numbers were found as part of a larger study, which showed that 47% of Americans were victims of online harassment
\"When we started the study, we wondered whether we would have anybody who said yes to that question,\" Amanda Lenhart, research lead for the study, told Business Insider in an interview. \"We figured it would be a relatively low incident thing, but it turns out that it actually really happens.\"
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