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UK To Ban `non-conventional` Pornography
Not ideal.
The UK government plans to censor \"non-conventional\" pornography - a move that has been criticised by free speech activists, and could see some of the web`s most popular sites banned in Britain.
As part of the digital economy bill currently being discussed, the UK government would implement strict porn filters in the UK - forcing sites that host adult content to verify users` amateur lesbian ages or risk being blocked in the country.
But the government plans to go further than this, and ban \"non-conventional\" porn completely, The Guardian reports
- a classification that may include everything from female ejaculation to spanking (that leaves marks) and adult material involving urination or menstruation.
So what`s going on? Right now, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is responsible for vetting adult content and certifying adult content sold via DVD, and it has strict rules about what`s allowed. If it decides the material is unsuitable, it`s illegal to sell - even if the acts depicted are totally legal.
As part of the new porn rules, the BBFC will also be responsible for monitoring content online. If it wouldn`t be certified for DVD, it won`t be certified online, according to The Guardian - and accordingly will be blocked entirely.
These are acts that are perfectly legal for consenting adults to engage in, or for other adults to watch. \"It
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