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Can You Catch Shingles From Someone?
Can You Catch Shingles from Someone?
The short answer is yes; shingles is contagious, but not as contagious as chickenpox, and not to people who have already had the chickenpox or shingles virus in their lifetime.
Everyone who has had chickenpox in their lifetime is at risk for developing shingles, as Shingles is a reactivation of the same virus that causes chickenpox1.
If you are currently experiencing an outbreak of the shingles rash, the easiest way to avoid spreading the shingles virus is to cover areas with any open blisters, or blisters that may burst, with bandaging. It’s important to avoid scratching or touching the rash, and wash your hands as often as you can. The most common way the shingles virus spreads is through contact with the fluid contained within the rash’s blisters2, so keeping that contact as minimal as possible is the best defense against spreading the virus. Once the rash develops crusts and scabs, it is no longer contagious, and cannot be passed on to another person2.
The best way to avoid getting shingles is to get the chickenpox vaccine if you’ve never had chickenpox. If you have had chickenpox before, and are 60 years or older, you should get the shingles vaccine to avoid the re-emergence of the virus that causes the rash3. These vaccines aren’t foolproof, but they will either prevent you from getting the virus, or lessen the symptoms if you do develop a rash3.
shingles pain cannot be spread through saliva, and is not airborne like it’s earlier stage, chickenpox. Simply being in the presence of someone that has shingles will not cause you to catch the virus. The virus is solely contained in the liquid contained within the blisters of the shingles rash, and can only be passed on through contact with that liquid2.
If you think you may developing signs and symptoms of shingles, make sure to see your doctor to discuss options that are available to you.
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