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Máy Làm Mát
\"\"N- n- now th- that don`t kill me can only make me stronger...
I need you to hurry up now `cause I can`t wait much longer... I know I got to be right now `cause I can`t get much wronger... Man I`ve been waitin` all night now,\" you sang along with the radio, Stronger from Kanye West. You liked it... It rang true. What didn`t kill you made you stronger. What didn`t make you stronger, you killed. It was a mutual sacrifice. Being a fallen angel made you feel truth of both sides of the equation. You were a good person, yes. You were double-sided, yes. You were two-edged, yes. A lot of people described you as a double-edged sword. It was fitting. You sat in Math class and randomly drew over your page... parabolas... graphs... line equations... Sarah... Sarah... -say what?
You looked up, to see the face of your math teacher right in front of you. Oh. Great, just freaking perfect. The ENTIRE class was looking at you. You sunk back slightly in your chair and blushed, \"Yes, sir?\" you said sheepishly. The man looked down at you... looked like he was about to pop a vein or something.. you giggled a bit at the thought of his freaking out, throwing erasers everywhere, camouflage helmet on, yelling \"SPOON!!\" as his war cry.
Beautiful... oh.
He was still talking to you...
\"-aphs, I want it on my desk at the end of the day\" he said and stomped back to his chair. End of the day meant 12pm but you sure as hell wasn`t about to sit in this dump for another 9 hours... you yawned slightly but kept working. \"No. The cos graph starts at one at zero degrees then ends in zero at 90 degrees\" the boy sitting next to you said with annoyance showing in his gruff voice. You looked over to him. With your angelic senses you could tell that he was human, alone and tough.. but hurt. It was a murky yet shimmering aura about him. You quite liked it. You nodded a thanks and corrected your graph. He wasn`t sitting there for maths though, apparently his idea of Biology was lighterfluid mixed with biology textbook... which didn`t exactly dazzle his Biology teacher into giving him an A. Instead he got an \"Not Received\" stamp on his name ... this was unpresidented.
In any case he was supposed to be rewriting his essay of Metamorphosis. Fascinating... You glanced at him. Bright golden eyes, white hair, lean and shortish.. then again he was only about an inch shorter than you.. you smiled a bit at that. At that moment he looked over, saw your smile and gave a slight smirk as a reply before continuing his writing. \"You`re not exactly a dazzle-factor in Biology, are you?\" you said in a bored tone as you scanned his page. \"Bite me\" he said with a growl. You laughed and helped his with his essay for a while to relieve the growing headache. When you both finished and handed in your work you both had decided to head off to the cafe across the road. \"I`m Sarah\" you introduced. He looked at you. Either it was your \"Voldemort: 0 Harry: 7\" -shirt or he was just totally weirded out by the fact that you introduced yourself. \"Mark\" he said and still had that expression on.
Oh yeah. DEFINITELY by the fact that you were speaking to him.
\"You`re not exactly social, are you?\" you said softly. He shook his head, tugging at his schoolclothes with an agitated fashion, \"I don`t like social settings.. loud annoying music... people.. attention\". The last part he`d added softly. You understood why. He was really handsome by any girl`s standard... you blushed a bit. \"But it`s nice...
to talk to you\" he said and looked at you with a frown. \"I suppose...\" you said unsurely. He laughed and looked at a passing bus `One-way to HotSprings` the sign on it read. You followed his golden eyes. It sounded nice... hotsprings... a time to get away from everything... and why was he dragging you down the street? \"Crappit, dude!
What are you doing?\" you asked irritably. \"I`m not going on my own,\" was all Mark said before pulling you on the bus too. Oh well, at least this way you can get some R&R in.. \"I like you, Sarah\" he said after you got on the bus. A faint tint of red washed over your face as he pecked your cheek, \"Want to harass Mr-I-can`t-teach-maths-for-idiots tomorrow?\" he suggested. Your eyebrow lifted, \"Sounds interesting...\" He grinned, \"We can use Herbert, he`s a green sockpuppet that plays the bass guitar and listens to pop music...\" Mark said but quickly lowered his voice, \"his favourite colour is neon pink\". You both bursted out laughing, leaving everybody else in the bus to look at you two a bit awkwardly. You couldn`t wait for the next day with Mark.
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