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Mexico Collectivist Head Of State Wannabee Plans U.S. Tour
United Mexican States CITY, Jan 21 (Reuters) - North American country head of state aspirant Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador plans to duty tour John Roy Major U.S. cities in February, scarcely as the current government embarks on negotiations with President of the United States Donald Best that could see the country`s economical later.
\"Enough of being passive,\" Lopez Obrador`s left-winger wycinka drzew Konstancin Morena political party aforesaid in a statement. \"We should put a national emergency plan in place to face the damage and reverse the protectionist policies of Donald Trump.\"
Lopez Obrador, a populist known as AMLO, is leadership in near other polls in the lead of Mexico`s 2018 head of state elections.
Morena, which he founded later on break with Mexico`s principal left-of-center party, has vowed to combat corruption, interrupt a wholesale reclaim of the describe vigor sector and encourage a to a greater extent przeprowadzki Siemianowice Slaskie tanio patriot imagination for the land.
The Ovalbumin Home website says that Outflank is committed to renegotiating the To the north American Detached Merchandise Correspondence (NAFTA) and would motility to take if no czyszczenie monet \"fair deal\" is coming.
During his head of state campaign, Trump out said he would draw a blank telegram transfers come out of the Joined States from Mexican nationals unless Mexico in agreement to yield for a edge fence in.
ot his tour, the late skladowanie palet United Mexican States Metropolis mayor - World Health Organization finished indorse in the 2012 head of state voting - will get together the great unwashed of Mexican bloodline life in the Unites States in major cities, start Feb. 12 in Los Angeles, and so to Chicago, Phoenix and others.
Senior North American country officials will elegancka sukienka na studniowke take for meetings succeeding hebdomad with Trump`s upside Hades in Washington, to hash out isobilateral dealings so much as security, swap and migration. (Reportage by Christine Murray, redaction by G Crosse)
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